AGNES station FRIC
Station Frick
GNSS antenna: TRM59800.00 NONE
Antenna height: 0.000 m
Phase center L1: 0.090 m
Phase center L2: 0.120 m
PCV antenna model : Absolute PCV antenna model (ATX format)

Reference coordinates:
  X = 4271934.864   φ = 47° 31' 38.715410"
Y = 608891.895 λ = 8° 6' 42.853011"
Z = 4682092.221 h = 725.802
LV95 (CH-1903+):
  E = 2650703.330
N = 1264293.331
H = 678.303 (ell.)

Antenna valid since: 30.04.2015
Information update: 15.11.2018

sitelog Sitelog in IGS/EUREF format.
Documentation of changes at the stations Documentation of changes at the stations.
Q-Sum Compilation of important quality characteristics.
Skyplot The daily observations (30 seconds data rate) of the previous day are graphically displayed in a skyplot.
time series of coordinates Time series of coordinates (daily solutions).
Monitoring of coordinates Monitoring of coordinates (last days).
Monitoring of kinematic coordinates Monitoring of coordinates (last hours)
Monitoring troposphere parameter Monitoring of the troposphere parmeters (last hours).

Location of station FRIC:

Map 1:25 000 (web  / api),  Control Point Viewer
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